My two cents worth.

Singapore Design Week 2015


This is a personal reflection on my experience at Singapore Design Week 2015. I was slightly confused by the different events and exhibitions going on. There was a bit of research trying to figure out what was happening and when. I think the organisation of information was slightly chaotic. I was constantly checking back and forth between the Design Week website, and Singaplural website and other brochures. It wasn't that chaotic when I went there. I visited the National Design Centre, Singaplural & The Museum of Arts and Design (MAD).


At Singaplural, I felt that 50% of it was just publicity for the brands rather then actual showcasing of works and process. For some reason, the works that connected with me were the ones with simple ideas. To name a few, "This is a Dot." by StudioNorm, and "Halus, From Land to Sea" by Harou. I really liked Harou's work. It was a collection of man-made objects that had been recovered from the sea. These objects were taken over by barnacles and oceanic organisms. I liked the idea of nature reclaiming or taking over. Olivia Lee's Marvellous Marble Factory was pretty popular on social media, but aside from aesthetics, I couldn't connect with it.

Still, I felt that there was a lack of organisation/curation to the works at Singaplural. It felt almost like they were randomly placed. There were a couple of talks that i missed out on. I headed to MAD after; it was the first day of the exhibition, and some of the works did not come in on time. However, even with the limited number of works there, it was better curated. They felt more put together, and considered. I enjoyed the experience and the works provoked many thoughts. Perhaps it was because it was a better space, and lesser works to manage.  Anyway, it was a good way to end my experience at Singapore Art Week 2015.