Postcards From The Edge

Post Cards From The Edge is an exhibition that focuses on the idea of time and it’s possibilities. How we often take time for granted, or look pass it.

The world has becoming more advanced due to rapid development of technology in terms of transportation and communication. Perception of time and space is continually being adjusted, which leads to compression that shorten process and journey in a globalised world. Therefore, causing human beings to miss out things that they’re not looking for during the process.

The Brand Concept
Slow Down Time > To give attention to things that go unnoticed “It’s easy to miss something that you're not looking for” and to see things in another perspective.

Typography & Colours
Advent was used as the primary typeface. It has clear structure combined with modern characteristics to give an edge to the typography.

The colour scheme consist of 2 main subdued tones. The intention of the blue is to give a cold but familiar tone to accompany the mood.