Hawker Signs — The Process

A documentation of the creative process behind “Hawker Signs”.


This book documents the creative process of a degree project, “Hawker Signs”. It began as an online journal (http://hawkersigns.tumblr.com) and reformatted for print. I wrote most of the posts spontaneously to organise my thoughts in a manner of note taking. The posts are not in chronological order, it is arranged such that the reader could follow the development of each piece of work. The process itself informs most of the work. Thus, it is important to present the process as a body of work that is cohesive with the final outcome. 

The covers are made from scrap materials used to create the poster. I decided not to throw them away and re-purpose them as covers for this process journal. I spray painted them to form the title “Hawker Signs” when they are laid out. 

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Published by Elliot Teo as part of a Degree Project with Glasgow School of Arts, Singapore

Michael Tan
Paul Hume
Darryl Lim

Journal by Paratype
Apercu by Colophon Foundry

RJ Paper - Enviro Wove 120gsm (inside)
Fancy Papers - Pacolight 98gsm (covers)